Tesla X

With each one of our car services, we offer a selection of vehicles to get you to and from your destination including the Tesla. Ride in one of our Tesla vehicles and just relax and enjoy the time in between your destinations. We chose to provide the Tesla an option for it’s high class, but also its name for forward-thinking safety, efficiency and reliability of getting you to your business or personal event safely and on time.

Lexus Sedan

Our Lexus was chosen for its design and uninhibited performance to provide you with a passionate, moving experience to and from your destination. Take a ride in our Lexus and feel the ultimate rush of style, comfort and luxury. Pick up your business partner or that special someone in a vehicle from our fleet and arrive ready to impress.

Cadillac Escalade

Get picked up in an Escalade feeling like a million bucks. A beautifully-crafted balance of sophistication, functionality and technology, the Escalade is ambition on a grand scale. Enjoy executive comfort to and from your business meeting or special event in any weather with two heated seats to keep you warm and comfortable. We chose the Cadillac Escalade because it was designed to exceed every expectation of what an SUV can do, with unmatched and interior exterior style, comfort and luxury to take you to your destination.

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes means luxury. Even at first glance you can tell there’s something different about a Mercedes. Arrive to impress by rolling up in a Mercedes from our selection of luxury vehicles. Jetways only works with the best and it is our guarantee that you will feel like a million bucks arriving in our Mercedes to your meeting